IMPRINT is the first manuscript in a trilogy about Mattea and Grayson Chandler and how they cope with the kidnapping of their daughter and the mandatory chip implant that is on the horizon. This new age Civil war will usher in a New World Order.

You know it's going to be a bad day when you wake up in the hospital with your wrists slit and restrained to a hospital bed. Well known Dallas Attorney, Mattea Chandler, is fairly sure she didn't do it because, as she explained to the doctor with the God complex, she doesn't deserve to die, her punishment is to live.

You know the day's slipping from bad to worse when the doctor agrees with you and asked if you remember that yesterday, when you were brought to the hospital, was the two year anniversary of the kidnapping of your three year old daughter. That could be a logical conclusion. Not the right one, at least she didn't think so, but logical.
The doctor advised her a detective, make that homicide detective, was waiting to interview her. He informed her she was found in a large pool of blood, in her wedding dress, clutching her daughter's picture. The curious thing he explained was the large portion of the blood, five or six pints, that wasn't hers. She explained that she knew how it looked, but it was a set-up to discredit her because she was the Chairman of the Committee for Christians Against the Chip Implant.  

Mattea is kidnapped to an island with non-English speaking people, except for the Vice President of the United States, a close personal friend of the Chandlers. Vice President Sinclair is one of the biggest advocates of the chip implant. He informed Mattea her husband Gray had her brought to the island and she would be here until the mandatory chip implant was complete. Escape wasn't an option he assured her, but accidents were.

On this peaceful island, Mattea finds what she's been looking for, her daughter Elizabeth, except, this little girl, is three years old, the same age as Elizabeth when she was kidnapped. A seed of doubt is beginning to grow. Mattea knows in her mind this isn't Elizabeth but she believes in her heart this child is hers.

June 8, 2020
Prominent attorney, Mattea Chandler, hospitalized in fair condition.  Sources state that her wrists were cut.  This on the second anniversary of her three year old daughter's kidnapping from the Dallas Zoo.
June 15, 2020
Chandler Enterprises awarded the national contract for manufacturing the chip implant.
June 15, 2020
Vice President Creed Sinclair shakes hands with John Chandler, CEO, Chandler Enterprises on winning the bid to produce the IMPRINT Chip.
June 22, 2020
Mattea Chandler, prominent Dallas attorney, named Person of Interest in disappearance of her brother, well-known actor, Alex Barrett.
June 24, 2020
Mattea Isabella Chandler disappears after being named Person of Interest in the disappearance of her brother Alex Barrett.
ONE chip the size of a grain of sand but has the power of a nation behind it. ONE injection for a lifetime of protection.  ONE Nation,
The New World Order.  186 days 
until mandatory chip implant.